"I’ve been bewitched by vaginas before. It’s scary, actually" - Bachelorette (2012)


Favorite Celebrity Meme[2/5] Favorite Hair Moments

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Details - Ralph & Russo fall 2014 couture

Details - Ralph & Russo fall 2014 couture



does anybody else clean their phone screen by wiping it on their boob or is that just me

I absolutely looking forward to having my own family, but personally, I have a lot of things to work out before I get there. Right now I’m in this blessed period of having a family that I choose to run with in this kind of pack of friends.

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There’s this cliché where serial killers are always described as, “Quiet, kept to himself, kind of a loner.” It’s a cliché for a reason. (Season 4)


I think it’s very important for people to not judge the people you’re playing. You have to find a way to love them because their story is theirs. I just don’t think there would be any use in that. - Sarah Paulson

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"We are a big, close family. I am the third of five siblings. I have an elder brother in the gas and oil industry, an elder sister who’s a teacher, a younger brother who’s a linguist and a younger sister who’s a hedge-fund manager. I live with her in London. Family, for me, is the most important thing because it is constant and real. Much as I love my job, it picks you up and it puts you down." — Rose Leslie for YOU Magazine

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I don’t remember the curtain going up. Was I terrible?

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